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On the clear night, when the chirping insects could be heard, the children of the Hidden Moon Village meditated together in the village square, the ever-present blackness of a full-moon night above them. Streams of chakra bound each of the children sitting down, the streams forming the shape of a nine-pointed star. Each of the children wore brown leather clothing, and had brightly-coloured hair with black streams somewhere, each child bearing a different main hair colour.

"I feel it... It's coming..." The children whispered in unison.

A loud sound of escaping wind came from one of the girls there, who grinned. She had short purple hair with black bangs at the front. Those nearby opened their eyes to glare at her.

"...Damn you, Natsuki." Everyone except the girl said.

Many of the kids stormed off, and the three elders watching frowned.

"Natsuki... Your actions displease the spirit lord." The three said at the same time.

Natsuki kept grinning, because she could hear her own spirits laughing.

"You've ruined this ritual for everyone for the last time. Begone."

Natsuki's spirits stopped laughing. "Huh?"

"You are hereby exiled from the Moon forests." The three elders said, raising a hand. In front of them, their chakras pooled together to summon a red doglike beast with a large head and two arms on its head, which began to stalk towards her. Natsuki got up, and her former friends cheered as the dog ran at her and she fled.

She ran and ran, ignoring the laughter and cheers and insults from her home's people, fleeing the spirit as she came to the edge of the forest, and the spirit barrier around it. Charging her chakra, she leapt through the barrier and broke it, and wound up on the other side.

Her eyes screamed in pain. She shut them and bowed her head, but the pain slowly went away. She opened them when she could, and saw the world in a new light. Literally! Out here, it wasn't dark at all. It was... not-night. There was a yellow moon in the sun, but it was much brighter than her home's white one, and looking at it hurt her eyes. The grass around her was the wrong colour, too bright and green. And when she looked behind her, she saw the spirit escape the forest, look outside... and flee back in.

She laughed. "What's the matter? Can't handle the outside world? Pathetic!" She yelled at the dog.

She laughed until she got bored, and decided to wander around until she found something cool.

She found it when she saw a short old man and his daughter getting attacked by four bandits.

She used handseals. "Wind style: Vacuum blast barrage!" She yelled, shooting a vacuum wave that sliced two bandits in half.

And for the other two... "Lightning style: Thunderclap!" She yelled, clapping her hands and sending a thundering shockwave forward that blasted the two bandits away from the two innocents.

Finally... "Fire style: Fireball jutsu!" She shot a fireball at the ground between the two, burning them both when the flames spread out.

The old man and his daughter looked at her in surprise. She got a good look at them. The old man was short, with black hair and brown robes, and his daughter was beautiful, she had brown hair and a red hairband. "You saved us!" She said.

"Yeah, I did." Natsuki said happily.

"Please, let us reward you." The old man said, undoing his robes.

"NONONONONONONONONONONO- oh." She said, seeing a lot of bags strapped to his clothes under the robes. He gave her three bundles of rice and an old katana in a leather sheath. She checked the blade, and saw it was kinda chipped and scratched.

"Well, thanks anyway!" She chirped. "Hey, wait... where are you going?"

"We're headed to the Hidden Leaf."

"Sounds fun, I'm coming with you."

"We don't really have much else to pay you." He admitted.

"That's ok. This seems cool. And I don't have anything better to do, so let's go!" She said.

"Tell me... Are you a Ninja?" His daughter asked as the three walked on.

"No, I'm a Shaman, from the Hidden Moon."

"But you were definitely using Ninjutsu! I've heard of it before!"

"Is that what they call them here? I just thought those bandits weren't worth my summoning jutsus, so I'd kill them with regular jutsu."

"How did you use different Jutsu? I thought people could only use one kind."

"People from my village have what's called a Neutral Chakra Affinity. We don't find any one element naturally easier, but we can use any element we want."

"Wow." She said. "We buy and sell stuff around the world, but we can't do anything like that. I'll take over the family business some day. Are you going to try and become a Ninja for the Leaf Village?"

"K, sounds fun." she said. "Anything's better than my homeland."

"Were you exiled?"


"Did you do something horrible, like killing your own clan?"

"No, I farted in the middle of public praying."

"...Wow." She said. "Praying? What are you, some stupid cultists? There is no god."

"No, but there are spirits." She said. "But I don't like the idea of JUST praying to the spirit lord. He never helps anyone or lets anyone summon him. I'd rather play with my spirits, the ones I know I can rely on."
went to deviantart to show my oc and ended up in a religious argument WHATIS MY LIFE
OC - Natsuki Hiroshi by NatsukiHiroshi
OC - Natsuki Hiroshi
This is my OC, Natsuki Hiroshi. She has the Lunar Release Kekkei Genkai and a Neutral Chakra Affinity that lets her use and combine any nature, though it's hard for her to learn new jutsus.


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